Why choose us

The Montessori Method

Your child reaps the benefits of a well-rounded, enriching curriculum that is recognized worldwide.

Flexible Scheduling

Choose from half-day, part-time or full-time options for a schedule that meets your unique needs.

Parent Communication

Teachers share photos, updates,
and progress reports with you through the convenient Brightwheel mobile app.

Daily Enrichments

From singing to dancing, regular visitors, and more, each day is filled with excitement and fun.

Experienced Teachers

Many of our dedicated staff have been with us for over a decade and are passionate about educating

Health & Safety

Numerous precautions are taken to keep your child safe and secure as they learn and thrive.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 Wks - 12 Months


1 - 2 Years


2 Years


3 - 5 Years


K - 3rd grade