A Space Full Of Learning And Discovery

Education, Play, And Development That Prepares Your Child For School And The Real World

A Space Full Of Learning And Discovery

Education, Play, And Development That Prepares Your Child For School And The Real World

Two-Year-Olds | Serving St. Louis, MO

Attention And Care Tailored To Your Child

Your child is unique and receives attention and care that considers their individual needs. Teachers identify strengths and weaknesses in their learning and social-emotional development, tailoring their approach to how they interact with your child accordingly.

A Curriculum Provides The Ultimate Learning Experience

Your growing two-year-old’s mind is always working through the Frog Street curriculum. They learn with the help of puppets, songs, reading, and even toilet training and have assessments that measure their progress so that you know exactly how they’re developing.

Experienced And Educated Teachers Guide Your Child

Your child learns from teachers who are formally educated and equipped with the latest Montessori certifications. Rest assured that your child receives the absolute best education and is well-prepared to excel in their studies and life.

Language And Literacy Form A Strong Academic Foundation

Your child makes progress along their journey to literacy through pre-reading and pre-writing activities, learning with alphabet charts, and letter recognition practice that helps build their cognitive skills early on.

Prepare For The Real World With Practical Life Skills Now

Your little one learns how to be independent through engaging in practical life activities like cleaning up after themselves, arranging flowers, and more, helping them feel empowered in navigating their path.

Strengthen Math Skills Through STEM Enrichment

Your child learns pre-math skills with the help of concepts like classification and the other facets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), which provide them with an introduction to numbers, counting, measurement, and volume.

Flexible Scheduling: Half Days And Part-Time Options Available!

Explore And Discover Through Nature-Based Play

Poured rubber surface areas are provided for your child to play as they explore the magic of the outdoors all around them safely. They tend to a garden full of vegetables where they learn about life cycles, and of course, eat what they grow!

Daily Meals And Snacks Keep Your Child Energized

Your toddler always receives the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong with delicious, home-cooked meals provided daily, so you never have to worry about their food intake while they burn off energy throughout the day.

Safety And Security Measures Offer You Peace Of Mind

Safety measures like restricted access across entrances, fire monitoring, and CPR-certified staff are implemented so that your child is always secure. Rest assured that their comfort and protection is still a top priority.

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